It's a Miracle!

Recently, I made a no-churn ice cream using a recipe from my blogger friend, Jill. Jill is one of those whom Mark calls my “imaginary friends.” You know... the ones with whom one corresponds all the time but has never met.


When Too Much Really IS Too Much

I made it clear years ago, when I first bought Plenty by Ottolenghi, that I really liked his cooking style, and use of flavors. But there are times when I think he overdoes things.


Exquisitely Elegant Comfort Food

It was almost Easter. While it would be just the two of us, dinner still required a special menu.


At the Corner of Side and Main

If you are like me, you like dishes that are flexible.


No Regrets!

Early last autumn, we visited one of our favorite wineries in Tuscany - Il Palazzone. The vineyard is located in Montalcino, a stunning Tuscan hill town known world-wide for its incredible wine, Brunello.


Always Grateful

Like many countries, the United States sets aside one day for giving thanks.